our programs

Read on to find out about our regular programs.

Astronomy Workshop

We regularly organize workshops on basics of astronomy and astrophotography.

World Space Week Celebration

World Space Week is celebrated from October 4 to October 10 every year. Big Bang Astronomy Clubs organizes various workshops, side walk astronomy, moon watch programs, public lectures to sensitize common people about Space and Night Sky.

Side Walk Astronomy by Big Bang Astronomy Club
Side Walk Astronomy

Throughout the year, Big Bang Astronomy Club organizes a lot of side walk astronomy programs to show planets & moon to the common public.

Cosmic Kidz

A program introduced by the club in 2017 under which small kids were introduced to the world of observational astronomy and trained in telescope handling.

Vacation Workshop

We organize various workshops for kids during summer vacations.

Big Bang Astronomy Club's Nature Walk event at Junagadh in 2017

Nature Trails

When we are not busy with hunting down deep sky objects and if the time permits, we do organize occasional nature trails and walks.

Public Lectures

Big Bang Astronomy Club regularly organizes public lectures for common public with speakers from institutions such as IPR, PRL, IUCAA, S P University & IPL.

Zero Shadow Day

Rajkot, the home of Big Bang Astronomy Club, is located at 23° N & therefore, twice in a year, the Sun passes right overhead at local noon.

Why We Do It?

We are just a bunch of like minded people having a passion of looking at the night sky.

How do I join?

You can join us in quite a many ways. Here are some of them.